About Us

ConSurv is a leading Engineering and Mining Survey consultant focused on delivering a dependable, highly skilled workforce to mining and infrastructure projects throughout Australia, remote area projects and FIFO / DIDO is not a problem with ConSurv Engineering and Mining Surveyors.

We are well situated to provide strategic advice and technical services to projects throughout Australia with the goal of delivering every project on time and on budget with a zero error rate.

We strive to assist our clients both large and small to meet the ongoing challenges encountered during the delivery of infrastructure and mining projects.

The broad knowledge base combined with industry experience of ConSurv’s Senior Surveyors, allows ConSurv to identify potential problems before they cause unnecessary impact to either project cost or schedule.

ConSurv maintain strategic alliances with external technical service providers allowing ConSurv to meet your project requirements no matter the size or complexity with only one point of contact and one project management system.

The ConSurv team have the industry experience and knowledge to make ConSurv and integral component of your project delivery team.

Our goal is to "Deliver every project on time, below budget and with a zero error rate." no matter the project scale or scope.

Please don't hesitate to contact the team at ConSurv to discuss how we can best assist your project.

Equipment overview

ConSurv are Equipped with the following Survey Equipment to ensure we are prepared to meet your Project needs irrespective of scope.

2 x Trimble S6 Robotic Total stations

2 x Trimble RTK GPS Base stations and Rovers

3D laser scanners (long range and short range "high precision")

Solar charging infrastructure for remote Base Stations (ideal for machine control applications)

6 x Leica 1200 series Robotic Total Stations

2 x Leica 1200 Series RTK GPS Base and Rover

Precision Automatic levels (digital and manual)

"Mine Spec" 4x4 Vehicles

Laptop computers with the necessary software

4x4 Quad bike

And most importantly..........

Capable Survey crews with the "Know How" and Experience to conquer any survey based problem and the dedication to ensure your project remains on track!

The decision to allow ConSurv to assist your project is the first step along the path of delivering your project, Our dedication and Experience will allow us to assist you to deliver your project no matter the scale or complexity.


Construction Surveying

Mining surveying

Engineering Surveying

3D Laser Scanning

Town Planning and Development

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