ConSurv is a leading Engineering and Mining Survey consultancy focused on delivering a dependable, highly skilled workforce to mining and infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

We are well situated to provide strategic advice and technical services with the goal of delivering every project on time and on budget with a zero error rate.


We strive to assist our clients both large and small to meet the ongoing challenges encountered during the delivery of infrastructure and mining projects.

The broad knowledge base combined with industry exposure of ConSurv’s Senior Surveyors, Allows ConSurv to identify potential problems before they cause unnecessary impact to either project cost or schedule.


ConSurv maintain strategic alliances with external service providers which allow the ConSurv team to meet your requirements no matter the size or complexity of the project with only one point of contact.






ConSurv Pty Ltd is a Surveying consultancy developed with a focus on the provision of Surveyors to remote area projects; Our Surveyors are well respected throughout the industry for providing exceptional level of service and knowledge at an extremely reasonable price.


The ConSurv Engineering and Mining Surveyors team is headed up by our lead Engineering Surveyor and Director Travis Pix.

Travis has an extremely broad knowledge base gained through his involvement with Engineering and Mining Surveying for over a decade; His project experience encompasses both major infrastructure and mining projects with a sound understanding of civil design and construction principles.


Recent projects completed by Travis Pix include:


·         Port Wakefield Road Upgrade, SA - 12kms of national highway development this involved provision of surveying services to all stakeholders (both Govt. and Contractor) involving the management of multiple survey crews and an ever changing dataset and scope of works.







·         Christies Beach Waste Treatment Plant Upgrade, SA.

Total project value approximately $270M – provision of surveying services to all contractors on site, with survey completed at all facets of construction (Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Process)

This project required specialised survey control of works rarely performed in South Australia with the construction of a 570M offshore outfall pipe and subsequent “pipe launch” and associated marine infrastructure.


Description: C:\CONSURV\CONSURV STUFF\work phone pictures\100MSDCF\DSC00016.JPG





·         Survey Control of pavement during resurfacing works to Clipsal 500 race track and conformance reporting, ConSurv’s scope also included vertical geometry design to engineer’s specifications, with the design component being based on Topographic Survey performed onsite by ConSurv Surveyors.






·         Granites gold mine, NT - Quorn Northwest TSF (3500m of perimeter embankment and associated de-watering management infrastructure), survey and conformance reporting for construction of a new tails storage facility.








·         Olympic Dam TSF – Survey setout and conformance reporting for continuous wall lifts including data management and set out for machine control equipment.


·         Olympic Dam ODP1 (Clear and Grub Project) – Survey setout and reporting for the preliminary works for the ODP1 expansion project, this included road design and calculations to allow the contractor to deliver the most efficient material movement for the allocated project budget.







·         Iron Duke TSF – Construction of Project Magnet TSF facility (3000m of TSF embankment construction) including design evaluation pre construction. ConSurv then provided survey setout and data management for machine guidance equipment during the construction phase of the project, this support allowed our client to effectively deliver the project on time and below project budget estimates.






ConSurv’s primary goal is to assist our clients to manage the challenges encountered during Infrastructure delivery, whilst our primary focus is the provision of surveying services; our strategic associations with other service providers allow ConSurv to deliver your project needs on a diverse scope of works.


The ConSurv team’s core focus is in the delivery of the following services to projects throughout Australia.


Construction Surveys

·         Machine Guidance support / Data management

·         Road and Infrastructure setout

·         As Constructed Surveys and plan preparation

·         Building setout

·         Bulk Earthworks and Civil setout

·         Quality and Conformance reporting

·         Survey Management

·         Data Analysis and Design Evaluation


Engineering Surveys

·         Topographic and Feature Surveys

·         Laser Scanning including visualisation walkthroughs

·         Digital Terrain Modelling

·         Volume Surveys and Calculations

·         Structural Verticality Surveys

·         Deformation Monitoring

·         Precise sub-millimetre set out for Industrial and Specialised Engineering Applications

·         Industrial alignment and metrology

·         Survey Management

·         Data Analysis and Design Evaluation


Geospatial Services (GIS)

·         3D modelling and Analysis

·         Data Capture

·         Spatial Data Management and Analysis

·         Visualisation Preparation including virtual walk throughs



ConSurv employees are proficient in the following survey/ drafting packages allowing us to provide the data you require in varying formats.

·         12D

ConSurv Senior Surveyors have a proven history with road and earthworks design and modelling including design evaluation allowing ConSurv to assist you with pre / post  tender design evaluation and redesign solutions for any problems encountered should the necessity arise, This allows ConSurv to be your greatest asset in keeping your project on schedule and below budget .

·         AutoCAD

·         Autodesk Civil 3D

·         Trimble Business Centre

·         Trimble Business Centre  – Heavy Construction Edition



Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual project requirements in greater detail and learn how the ConSurv team can best assist you in the delivery of your project.